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    I am done with this league..


    Mr WhiteTalent

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    I am done with this league..

    Post by Mr WhiteTalent on Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:00 pm

    I am done. I'm officially calling it quits. I have dealt with nothing but sh-it over the last couple hours from a lot of people. Let me ask this. (im sorry to call you out on this but I am) Why when blaine was owner and he missed more than half the games he didn't get bi-tched at like this? I miss one game and I am getting attitudes from both my players, other team management, and BOGS. IM EVEN GETTING THREATENED TO BE REMOVED AS OWNER!! Why when blaine missed all those days and I was getting people on and trying to make sure we had six, why didn't you go bi-tch at him like you all are bit-ching at me and why didn't you go threaten to remove him? You finally removed him after I begged for a week straight to put me as owner. This league is a joke anymore. I have given up so much time and effort for this team and now those players have the berries to call me out. Get out of here. I retire.

    Oh and I am sorry that helping my 65 year old parents is more important than being on to play xbox. I apologize.
    I OTP Hero I

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    Re: I am done with this league..

    Post by I OTP Hero I on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:08 pm

    Sorry if you took any of the BOGs comments wrong, but we basically we wanted to talk with you since we didnt knew what happened. You could have easily just sent us a PM telling us about it and I'm sure it would be fine.

    The only problem that I have is you are owner. You scheduled yourself to play, you couldnt show up for a good reason maybe yes, but you could at least gave a heads up to your team with a message or something (which when i cant be there im making sure my guys know i cant be there which not often lol).

    Again sorry if you took it wrong, but now you written your retirement post, so there is no backing out until season 6. We know it was for a good reason, but impulsive decisions are never good for anybody. Retirement is a serious thing and we already allowed too many already.


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    Miss Ovechkin 8

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    Re: I am done with this league..

    Post by Miss Ovechkin 8 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:15 pm

    Your first duty as owner should've been to make sure if you were unavailable to have your GM get your back. With all the issues Nashville has had it's not that you can't have a personal life and let it take priority over a 6v6 league it's that you can't just leave things be as an owner.

    Obvisouky the leash is going to be shorter on you or anyone who would've taken over the team because of all the complications that Blaine had caused earlier in the season. You are allowed mistakes but if you don't have a GM or Captain who you have been in contact with to take things over for the night then how can you not expect to shoulder the backlash.

    and don't get it twisted, this league is not a joke. and talking down about it and insulting it on the way out is classless.

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    Re: I am done with this league..

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