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    Post by Borcobaby

    To Everyone That Reads This

    I just wanted to take the time and share some thoughts

    Well.. We are heading into week 5, the halfway point of the season. Already we have had multiple owners leave, players leave, BOGs leave. There's been a forfeit almost every night of games. Yup, a lot. When you look at this that I've mentioned, things seem like things are rocky. Its true things haven't lived up to what i personally feel the PHL can and should be at this point. It very disappointing for myself and im sure for the other Bogs as well .
    But there's that saying " is the cup half full? or half empty?" I always see things as "half full", and when i see people that are showing their commitment and working towards making PHL work i cant turn my head and not try. Ill do my best to continue to create a place where these people can come and enjoy it. But its tough when the number of committed players here are not enough to ice 8 teams of 6 for games every weekend.
    Only option I can see would be to drop the number of teams to fit the amount of committed players we have. As you guys are the reason why I want to do this. Those that want really want to play, those that understand that this is video game and if you play a game and lose, at the end of the day its still a video game. Those that like the game of hockey and understand how to act around an online community. Those player that can be committed to show up at 8 & 9 on friday/saturday/sunday for games. Those that have enough self respect to respect others.

    All im asking is if you decide to play here in the PHL this season, please be a civilized human being. Its very easy to follow what it is thats needed for games to be played.

    Please mind grammar issues if u see any lol ...u will

    Anyways we will be going from 8 to 6 teams to finish off season. This way the players that truly want to play will all be on teams with enough players that active so they will have 6 for every game. Lets finish on a high note this season guys. That is why we are still here right? Well.....

    Thanks Borco
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    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 2:43 pm by HunterFox352

    Will the team owners and GM's be informed about what teams will be merged together by this weekend or next weekend? I think this is the best move to make right now, though it saddens me as Nashville was finally getting a real team together of committed players.

    Calgary and Montreal have both done tremendous jobs with fixing their team issues, so props to Dedli and Marge Smile

    Don't be so hard on yourself Borco, the league is only as active as the players themselves are willing to be. You're doing a great job.
    Miss Ovechkin 8

    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 3:05 pm by Miss Ovechkin 8

    I agree with Hunter but I also agree the amount of committed players is not enough for 8teams. As I speak only for myself and would of course have to talk to all of my teammates first, Calgary would not be opposed to merging with Nashville or even Montreal. Anything to help the league and I like everyone on both teams. But I guess it does seem logical to merge Nashville and Montreal but like Hunter said it seems like both teams are finally back on track.

    you guys are doing good keeping the season rolling looking forward to this upcoming week

    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 4:18 pm by Borcobaby

    We should have a post made tonight after meeting tonight.

    We will hopefully be able to speak with some owners afterwards to update them on xbx but we will have a post by tonight. so teams will be rdy for friday.

    We have an idea we are gonna break down to see if it would work with least amount of disruption to most teams.

    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 4:21 pm by x gardiner 51 x

    the main reason me and my guys left was cause the sites boring theres nothing else on the site all we do is go into every week and play games tbh what ruined this league was the site changing 4 times this league lost atleast 150 people and no one is on the chat box or anything

    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 4:35 pm by Borcobaby

    chat is dull since the site . we changed sites due to have better security features for us that didnt have. we then tried to find a place that would allow us to start creating more, which this site would allow us to. But problem came when in-league problems came. That chewed up our time that we could of had to work on extras. trust me we have lots of things put on hold but you have to look at it from our end.

    Work on current issues and sacrifice league extras
    Work on extras and sacrifice the league

    if i could do more i would but if problems are coming left n right what time do we have to work on these extras. its a two way street . we put alot of time in this why wouldnt we want to have the "best of the best" but we can only do with wat time we have to work on them. and if theres problems going on then we have to decide to do what best for league. and thats where we fail to be able to add these extras
    I OTP Hero I

    Post on Mon May 27, 2013 6:33 pm by I OTP Hero I

    Gardiner, the extras... im trying as much as possible to bring some to the league, but you said you would be willing to do some Power Rankings and the only 2 people that actually did some are me and niemi. (+ i should be making 1 soon) (+ there is always enough room for more PR since its different opinions... i have one on every team and you probably have another one completely different lol)

    Im trying to make signature as you seen in the graphics section.

    The magazine is a loot of work and with bog duties + stressing because i want a job (looking for 1 everyday). It doesnt really gives me much time for it... Especially when we have issues with some teams almost every week.

    we will be building a media team (yes scoop! well i want to) for next season to get these extras done... If you want to stay around until your retirement is done and help us with something it would be awesome. Yes, we (the bogs) can do a lot of stuff for the league, but we are still humans and have other things to do (like a job), so we need some dedicated people to step up and help with different duties.

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