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    The "TIE" Rule


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    The "TIE" Rule Empty The "TIE" Rule

    Post by Borcobaby on Tue May 14, 2013 7:40 pm

    We Have Decided To Add A "TIE" Rule To The PHL. This Will Only Happen In Rare Cases. What The 'Tie' Rule Stands For Is When It's Past The Deadline When All The Stats Are To Be Entered And We Come Across Games Where No Stats Are Entered For Either Team. This Will Result In A 'Tie' Which Means Each Team Will Receive Zero (0) Points For The Game. Games Will Be Entered As (0-0 T). This Will Not Effect Standings And Will Not Give A Team Credit For Not Showing To Game. Instead This Will Show The Importance Of Entering Stats On Time As One Team Could Lose A Game They Won If They Do Not Enter Stats And The ' Losing ' Team Does. So Owners Make Sure You Get Your Team To Your Games And Enter Stats On A Consistent Basis.

    Below Is The Break Down On How 'TIEs' Will Be Ruled

    > If Both Teams Don't Have 6 Players To Compete In The Scheduled Game. And Game Isn't Rescheduled. Game Will Be A TIE
    > If A Schedule Game Is Rescheduled And During The Rescheduled Game Both Teams Fail To Show Up. Game Will Be A TIE
    > If After A Completed Game, Both Owners Fail To Enter Stats For The Game. Game Will Be A TIE

    >TIEs Are Worth 0 Points

    If Only One Team Enters Stats For The Game . They Will Receive The Win Regardless if They Lost The Completed Games As Each Owner Knows The Importance Of Entering Stats

    NOTE: Remember If One Team Shows Its A Forfeit Win For The Team That Showed, Unless Its Rescheduled.

    This Rule Is Here Due To The Fact Games Stats Are Not Being Completed As They Should. The Deadline To Have All Stats Entered Is Tuesdays @5est. All Standings Will Then Be Updated After This Time (or Sooner If Stats Are All In). No Games Can Be Rescheduled To Be Played Past This Time.

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