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    I have dissapointed everyone.....again.


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    I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

    Post by HunterFox352 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:16 pm

    There's been a lot going on this whole season for a lot of players in the league. I need to be able to come clean on a few things, as it has become apparent that I am the sole source of all the drama this season.

    First I want to apologize to everyone over on the CGY team, especially Marge, who was almost pushed into an owner/GM situation because of decisions made by others, as a result of lack of communication on my part. I had only learned that I would not have been able to take part in the games about an hour before the first week of the season began. It was one of those situations I feel could have been avoided altogether if a lot of things occurred differently IRL. But that's still no reason why i couldn't have said have reserves ready for the first week. That being said, part of the reason why that happened was because I honestly believed I would be able to take part in those games.

    So I get traded to Nashville, and Whitetalent and I saw eye-to-eye on many different things. So I decided it would make sense to be his GM as he would be owner. We started playing well the week before last week, and of course once again, I had to deal with something that I had no prior knowledge of being planned. I want to apologize again as I was supposed to help the team become active again, and as soon as everything was running smoothly, what do you know? It's Hunter who's gone missing....

    So i want to apologize to Whitetalent as he tried very hard and put in an honest effort to put a team of active players together. And of course, I want to apologize to the rest of the Nashville team as well, especially to those who put in the effort to show up every day no matter what happened.

    Which leads me to this, I need to apologize to you Borco. This league gives me something to look forward to each weekend, as I am sure it does for you. My actions this season have directly lead to a chain of players who retired. I understand some retirements had nothing to do with me directly, such as those that have happened to the MTL team, but I do believe the sight of other players leaving the league may have had an impact in their decisions to leave. In any case, I apologize to you Borco, for creating a situation where you have had to deal with all of the drama, as you have put so much time into keeping this league running, as well as trying to promote it to get new players involved to hopefully expand the league and make seasons and team match-ups more interesting. You're role as the lead Admin and owner of the league should only be to deal with rule changes and player relations as well as providing a balanced playing field for us to enjoy, not compensating for and protecting against the possibility of player disappearances.

    I am utterly embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a good representation of the league as a whole. I hope you choose to reverse many of the blacklist decisions, as it is clear my involvement this season has brought more stress to this league than ever before.

    I want to see this league grow, as many of my best moments and most enjoyable times playing NHL have come from this league. Playing with the PHL is honestly the only good reason I keep buying these NHL games in the first place.
    Miss Ovechkin 8

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    Re: I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

    Post by Miss Ovechkin 8 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:01 pm

    as I can speak only for myself I accept your apology on behalf of Calgary and more specifically to me. I was ready to move forward with the team and try to recover from early season complications and I admit your unwillingness to move on from the actions of former Calgary management made it difficult for me to try and work things out. I knew Nashville needed help and since I knew Chuckles was going to be on my team unfortunately your position as goaltender became available.

    I appreciate you owning up to your mistakes and understanding the only thing you can ultimately control amidst constant chaos is yourself. I hope you and Mr White Talent along with Nashville as a whole can finish the season off strong. Although its nice to apologize for whatever role you may or may not have played in whatever happened this season there is only the future that can focused on, and it starts tonight and continues to the end of the season.

    don't dwell on the mistakes too much and thank you for apologizing. Good Luck tonight, and Good Luck moving forward

    Canadian Asylum

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    Re: I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

    Post by Canadian Asylum on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:54 pm

    you have my respect bud takes alot for someone to say i made a mistake and apologize

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    Re: I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

    Post by Borcobaby on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:35 am

    Hunter it takes a lot for one man to realize he may of made a mistake. Takes a bigger man to voice it . But how i see it, if you missing time wasn't done on purpose then what mistake did you personally do. Things pop up in life where we cant do everything we have planed to do, it happens. We as a league been having active problems. So i cant blame one person for other people leaving indirectly to them not being able to make a game or two. I dont know a3bout early on with what you say bout cgy because i was away. But from when i been here i dont feel an apology is needed to me. I respect it and thank you for it but still feel that one isnt needed. You been a great help to me and league over the seasons. I know if it was possible to be on for games you would be on n help your team.
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    Re: I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

    Post by Cnote EvR on Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:52 am

    its nice to see guys manning up in the PHL!

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    Re: I have dissapointed everyone.....again.

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